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Mid-Lakes Erie Macedon Landing offers 38 Resident slips as well as full draft transient dockage. Dockage is available from May 1st until the canal closes, usually in mid November.

Full season resident dockage is $33.00/foot ($1000.00 minimum).

Monthly dockage is $11.00/foot ($330.00 minimum).

Weekly dockage is available at 1/4 Monthly rate.

Overnight dockage is $0.75/foot.

Access to laundry, showers, and rest rooms is available 24/7.


Mid-Lakes Erie Macedon Landing offers inside and outside storage. Storage rates include haul & launch where applicable. Haul/launch services provided separately for vessels up to 20 tons.

Summer 2015 (May 1- Canal Close)

Dry-Sail trailerable boat left on trailer with unlimited use of boat ramp - $13.00/foot

Trailer/Cradle storage (outside) $15.00/month.

RV Outside storage $9.00/foot.

Winter 2015-16 (November - April)

Inside storage is $3.75/ square foot (length x width).

Outside Boat on Cradle/Blocks/Stands including haul/launch - $15.00

Outside Trailered Boats/RVs (you park) - $9.00/ foot (length over all).

Outside Trailered Boats including shrink wrap $20.75/ foot ($21.75 vessels over 20').

Blocking (if required) is $40.00/boat.


General marine services are available. Specialized marine service may be available, please contact us for specific needs.

Haul or Launch (30-ton travelift) is $6.00/foot (length over all). Extra sling $50.00.

Yard Labor is $75.00/hour.

Pumpout is $5.00 each tank.

Pressure Washing is $2.00/foot monohull ($3.50 / foot no anti-fouling paint), $4.00/foot pontoon.        

Boat Launch ramp fee $5.00.

Shrink wrapping is $13/foot up to 20' length. Pontoon and over 20' is $14/foot. One-time frame charge $75.00.

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